Posted Apr 9, 2015

Player Rules

  1. Be on time (early) to the training session and ready to train (mentally and physically). We will start the training sessions on time.
  2. Be respectful to coaches and other players.
  3. Shake the coach’s hand when arriving and leaving.
  4. Represent yourself positively inside and outside the Soccer School. Be a good citizen.
  5. Wear appropriate soccer gear for the training session: training gear, cleats, shin guards, etc... No jewelry.
  6. Only leave the training facility with your parent or prearranged carpool. If waiting for a parent, please stay near the coaches (do not wander off).
  7. Go to the bathroom before your training session. If it is absolutely necessary to go to the bathroom, please notify your coach (do not wander off alone).
  8. Players should attend their club/team training sessions. The players club/team training always comes first.
  9. If you are injured or sick, do not attend the training session. Get appropriate help/assistance to take care of your injury or illness.
  10. Do well in school. The Napa Soccer School may check in with parents regarding the player’s progress in school. If a player participating in the Soccer School is not doing well in school, the Soccer School may ask the player to focus on school before returning to training.
  11. Have fun! The training sessions will be challenging and demanding, but we expect the players to enjoy themselves.


Parent Rules

  1. Only players and coaches are allowed on the soccer field. Parents/spectators are allowed to watch the training session, but we ask the parents/spectators to watch from the sidelines.
  2. Do not coach. Only the coaches of the Napa Soccer School can coach the players. We expect the parents/spectators to watch the training sessions, without making comments or coaching the players.
  3. Be supportive of the program and your children. Do not talk negatively about other soccer programs, coaches, or players.
  4. Get your children to the Soccer School on time.
  5. If you want to speak to a coach, please make an appointment. Some of the coaches will assist other coaches with training sessions after their training is over.
  6. If a player cannot attend a training, please email
  7. If a player has seen a doctor or surgeon because of an injury or illness, we require a doctor's not to clear the player to participate with the Academy. The note may be written or emailed to
  8. Please do not leave your children unsupervised before or after the training session. Coaches are required to coach and supervise their training session. While the coaching staff often arrives early and stays late, we cannot guarantee this every time. We don't want the parents to expect the coaches will always arrive early and stay late. While we will not leave a child alone, this is unfair to the coach, as the coach is put into a compromising situation.
  9. Keep up to date on the Napa Soccer School fees. If there is a problem with making payment, please communicate with the director.