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Thank you for everyone that attended the club meeting. For anyone that missed the meeting, here are the the next steps:

1) EVERYONE (new and returning players) NEEDS to register online:

Please register online and pay the registration fee asap.

For individuals that need help registering, we will have a registration day at Napa Christian School (2201 Pine St, Napa, CA 94559) from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

  1. June 18 (Monday)- 2007 & 2008 team
  2. June 19 (Tuesday)- 2001 teams
  3. June 20 (Wednesday)- 2009 & 2010 (and 2011/2012)
  4. June 21 (Thursday)- 2004 & 2003 & 2002

2) Uniforms/Training Gear

For new players to the club or returning players that want a new uniform, please turn in the uniform forms to the following people. The sooner the team gets the forms into the people below, the faster we can make the order.

2009- Chendo Nunez- 707-724-2614

2008- Xavier Gonzalez- 707-819-7643

2007- Jimmy Aguirre- 707-363-5150

2004- Bernie Ochoa- 707-694-8308

2003- Gabe Rood- 707-332-4316

2002- Ed Vargas- 707-812-0795

2001- Debbie Weston- 707-208-1333

If you need the form to order uniforms, please email

3) Communication

Everyone needs to download the app-Whatapp on to their phone. Please reach out to Gabe Rood about adding your phone number to the Whatsapp group for your individual team.

Please text him at 707-332-4316

NPL Champions!

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization.  Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities or questions you may have. 

Sponsored by Audio Visual Engineering

Audio Visual Engineering

Visit Website

AVE has been supporting youth soccer programs since 2008 and the local HS programs.  Thank you!

Sponsored by Angele Restaurant

Angele Restaurant

Visit Website

We are grateful to Angele for being one of our starting sponsors  in 2015 when we started the Academy Program!  Thank You!

Follow them on FaceBook

Sponsored by Napa Lodge No18

Napa Lodge No18

Visit Website

Thank you for your generous contribution and support to our program!