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About Homework Program

Napa Soccer Academy Homework Program


The Napa Soccer Academy believes that if a player wants to be a top player, a player needs to train on his/her own. Just going to soccer practice is not enough, if a player wants to play at a higher level. The homework program will help players improve their ball mastery, dribbling, kicking (passing, shooting, crossing), 1st touch/receiving, coordination, athletic ability, and intrinsic love of the game.


The Napa Soccer Academy will not force players to do the homework, nor do we want parents to force their children to do the soccer homework. The Napa Soccer Academy has a strong believe that players need to choose to do work on their own. The more the players train on his/her own, the better the players will become. The better the player becomes, the more the player will enjoy the game. Player will develop an intrinsic love of the game and this love/enjoyment will propel players to want to improve and will ultimately lead to players learning and having a long soccer career. It takes thousands of hours to master the ball, but it takes just a few minutes a day to see great improvement.

For example:

If a player were to practice an extra 20 minutes a day 3 days a week, this would lead to an extra hour of soccer each week. This would be 52 hours over the course of a year and 520 hours over the course of 10 years. Takes one step at a time and do just a little extra each day/week and we guarantee the player will improve. Showing up 20 minutes early to practice and practicing juggling, rondos, passing, etc… will make a huge difference in the level of a player.


Many players do not know what to do to improve. The Napa Soccer Academy will show players what they can do to train on their own.

Enjoy the process of improving!